Imagine ...

  • Feeling energized and focused at work
  • Having customers visit and buy again and again
  • Feeling calm and relaxed at home at the end of your day

        Feng Shui is the 6,000 year old Chinese system for analyzing, balancing and benefiting from the interaction of energies in our homes, offices, clinics and commercial spaces.

        One of the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, Feng Shui uses formulas and precise calculations to determine the most auspicious manner in which to orient our furnishings and spaces to support our health, wellbeing and prosperity.

        Using a blend of several 'schools' of Feng Shui, The Decor Doctor provides you with information specific to you, not just the building in which you live or work.

        Knowing exactly where your 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions are helps you to maximize the positive energies and correct and balance the less-than-positive energetic forces you encounter on a daily basis.

What Happens During A Feng Shui Consultation?

The first step is an on-site visit to your home or place of work to:

  • meet with you 
  • discuss any concerns you have 
  • gain some basic information about you and anyone else who lives/works there (this includes pets, if they're part of your family)
  • take the necessary compass readings
  • obtain a copy of your scale floor plans, or, take the necessary measurements to create scale floor plans

Second, at our offices, The Decor Doctor

  • reviews all the information
  • plots the compass directions on the floor plans along with the associated Flying Stars star combinations
  • makes note of the Ming Kua (personal directions) for each individual
  • examines the Large Tai Ch'i (whole floor) and Small Tai Ch'i of individual rooms
  • prepares a detailed written report which includes explanations for each sector on the floor plans, for each individual, and includes what 'cures' should be placed - and where they should be placed - as well as recommendations for changes

Third, The Decor Doctor returns to you for another on-site visit to

  • review all the information contained on your floor plans and in your written report
  • show you how to interpret your plans when re-arranging furniture
  • show you exactly where 'cures' should be placed
  • answer questions and provide additional information

How Much Does A Consultation Cost?

Residential Fees are based upon how much time will be required to complete the consultation.  A typical 2-storey home with unfinished basement may require 6-8 hours to complete the 3 steps of the consultation process.

Corporate, Commercial and Clinic Fees are based upon the total square footage of the space being evaluated.  If you are interested in a single office or clinic treatment roomconsultation, the fees start at $250 for spaces up to 175 square feet.

Once The Decor Doctor has had the opportunity to meet with you and review your space, a final quote will be provided.

non-refundable deposit is required at the time of confirming your consultation and payment plans are available, should you require them.

I Don't Live in Barrie - Can The Decor Doctor Still Help Me?

Absolutely!  The Decor Doctor has assisted clients across Canada, the U.S. and in Europe.  

Please contact us today to learn what is required for a non-local consultation:

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