Our Consultation Services Include:

  • Home Office(s)
  • Nursery
  • Whole Home
  • New Home Assessment Prior to Purchase
  • Single or Multiple Offices
  • Single or Multiple Clinic Treatment Rooms
  • Office or Clinic Assessment Prior to Lease
  • Commercial Space Assessment Prior to Lease
  • Commercial Space Build-Out Recommendations
    and more ...
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A health practitioner contacted The Decor Doctor because clients weren't showing up for appointments, or, were receiving treatments but leaving without paying.


           The Decor Doctor found that the location of the treatment room was in the worst possible direction for the client.  In addition, the Flying Stars at the door into the room were associated with illness and with conflict, combat and arguments. 

           Changing the treatment room to a different room allowed the client to face an auspicious direction while working with
their clients, as well as having the door into the treatment room located in their prosperity direction.  The result was an immediate increase in client bookings and all clients paid their treatment fees at the time of service.



An entrepreneur, whose business relied heavily on e-mail lists and other web-based contact, was continually losing access to their lists and database.


            The Decor Doctor found that the location of the computer was in the worst possible direction for the client. 

            The placement of the desk was changed in order to situate all 3 key business tools (desk, computer and telephone) in the most auspicious direction for the client.  In the course of moving the 
office furniture, money was found that had fallen behind or underneath each item.....an immediate return on investment, and, solution to the computer problems.



A client with two home-based offices had The Decor Doctor complete a full-home and home office consultation with very satisfactory results.  Six months later, they contacted The Decor Doctor again to inquire about selecting a live-in nanny for their children.


            Having reviewed the analysis and report that was previously completed and knowing the auspicious and inauspicious directions associated with the room the nanny would occupy, The Decor Doctor was able to analyze the details provided by the client and confirm which of the three candidates would be the best possible match for the children and the space in which they would live.


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