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Patti LOVES helping people. No matter what the problem, she helps her clients meet life’s challenges head on and create more meaningful and successful lives.

She knows the pain her clients feel when money is tight, debt runs out of control and there seems to be no end in sight.

With over thirty years' experience in the fields of coaching and Human Resources, Patti integrates real world expertise with a variety of techniques to move her clients closer to achieving their financial dreams.

Patti created the MONEY BOOTCAMP $EMINAR$© series, which launched in 2009 with the signature MONEY BOOTCAMP 4 TEEN$ seminar, because of her personal mission to help children, teens and adults learn how to earn, spend, save and invest their money wisely.

Through public and private seminars and group and private coaching, Patti teaches people how to take control of their finances, implement good money management skills, reduce their debt and start building wealth.
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