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  1. The Need for Change
    Whether you feel “lost” or you recognize that what you are doing is not producing the results you desire, you need to change what you are doing. Many people acknowledge that they need to change, but fear what change may mean in their lives. A Financial Coach helps you to identify the “what” that needs to change and works with you to develop the “how” and, in the process, eliminates the fear of making the necessary changes.
  2. Strategies for Implementation
    Identifying the “how” is not enough. You need to plan for the changes that you will be making and identify the potential obstacles to making them permanent. Your Financial Coach will help you create a detailed plan, which includes the changes that you will be making as well as the resources and support system necessary to overcome every obstacle on your path to success.
  3. Balance
    While the urge to create a better life is a positive one, it is easy to become overly focused on one area of your life. Remembering that balance is essential in achieving a truly successful life, your Financial Coach will work with you to ensure that all areas of your life are evaluated and brought into balance.
  4. Ownership of Your Life
    We all have values by which we live our lives and it is essential that these values are maintained throughout the changes you will be making. Taking ownership of your life means being responsible for the decisions you make and the actions you take each and every day. Accountability may be something new for you. Your Financial Coach will help you create the habits that will support your success while remaining true to your core values.
Once you have completed a self-assessment, we will identify your goals and the obstacles you currently face. Together, we will prioritize the work to be done and create a plan to make your success a reality.
Coaching calls will focus on your progress, any new obstacles or concerns which have come up and will include assignments you need to complete prior to the next call.
Change is a process which unfolds over time. For that reason, I ask you to make a minimum three-month commitment to coaching, to ensure that you have a solid plan and are able to take the necessary steps to implement it and achieve your desired outcomes.
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