“Patti from The Decor Doctor recently provided a professional Feng Shui Assessment and layout of my business office.  I was intrigued by the depth of knowledge and way in which Patti simplifies “what to do” and “what to change” in order to bring the best success energy into a work space.  I first experienced the positive benefits of Feng Shui approximately 10 years ago and, when I moved to my new location and set up my office, I couldn’t wait to have my decor doctored to ensure my space was set
up for success, health, prosperity and consistent business growth.  I highly recommend Patti to all business owners whether working from home, corporately or as an entrepreneur.”
~ Deborah Joslin, Founder - Safety Audit Proofing, Training and HR Experts, Barrie

"Patti helped me select my new home using the principles of Feng Shui.  Her recommendations gave me the confidence to
move forward.  From there, she guided me through optimal furniture placement and the best places to eat, work and sleep
(for my dog Patch as well!).  I love how my new space feels and trust that good things will continue to flow through the space
we created together."
~ Linda Dessau, Business Blogging Consultant/Writer/Editor, Content Mastery Guide, Barrie

“Patti helped us with a Feng Shui plan that allowed our 5 year old son to sleep through the night.  Previously he would come
into our room 4-5 times nightly, every night.  With Patti's help we started sleeping through the night also, which has made a
BIG difference in our physical and mental well being as well as improving our marriage and family life.  It is my pleasure to recommend Patti to anyone.”
~ Eileen Sampson RMT, Owner, Sampsons Body Balance, Barrie

“Upon opening my office, I got out my feng shui book and got to work.  I thought I had calculated everything correctly until
Patti came and had a look.  Well, let's just say my finances were in the worst place possible.  The changes have made a big difference. Most importantly, my desk and the orientation of my chair changed from an inauspicious location to one that
was of maximum benefit to me...Within the first couple of days of making the minor adjustments, my business became busier.  Thanks, Patti. I'll be calling you first after I move into another location.”
~ Lorinda Weatherall, Author & Reiki Shihan at Integrative Healthcare with Reiki, Barrie

“I contacted Patti Smith of The Decor Doctor to implement the power of Feng Shui  in my home-based office after personally hearing that a peer who had worked with her had a dramatic increase in their business...I strongly encourage everyone who is starting a business and/or has an existing business to take the time to 'go with the flow', invest in The Decor Doctor's services and wallow in your success as your business steadily grows.”  
~ Lorraine Rice,  Yes I Can, Barrie

“Thanks again.  Your impact on my business is astounding...Gosh, you're valuable to me.  What would I do without you?  The Decor Doctor [is one] of the best things that happened to my business to make all the dreams I had for it come true in a short period of time. Thanks Patti. ”   
~ Jason Riedel, The Riedel Needle , Orangeville

“This has been an eye-opening experience that I would recommend to anyone.   The office looks more open and inviting, less claustrophobic and cluttered.  It has been great working with you on this Patti.  I am enjoying coming into my office again!”            
~ Janet Morozuk, Creative Type / At Your Speed Computer Training, Barrie

“This is so fun...two new clients came by already...and the phone has been ringing off the hook!”   
~ Jessy Morrison, Body Talk / Reiki,  jessymorrison.ca, Barrie

“After being unable to get to sleep until nearly 4:00 a.m. most nights, the first night I slept with my bed in the correct direction, I slept the whole night through and awoke feeling rejuvenated.”  
~ I.M., Barrie

“I'll never buy another home without you.”
~ Anne M., Toronto